Bird Or Cage Pendant Bioshock Infinite

A small part of the game but has a great amount of depth to it and thats why Bioshock is such a great series. A bird flying generally symbolizes freedom and a cage symbolizes captivity but like many things in Bioshock Infinite there is more than one way to perc.

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But when I chose the Cage I got gear that complimented my Vigors.

Bird or cage pendant bioshock infinite. I simply wasnt thinking that this might have any effect on the game when I went with what Elizabeth sounded most intrigued by. Fan-Made BioShock Infinite Pendants Offer Bird or Cage Unlike Elizabeth you can have both of these necklaces inspired by BioShock Infinite. Bioshock Infinite Bird or Cage Wood Burned Pyrography Magnet.

This is a choice Elizabeth makes shortly after you find her in BioShock Infinite. We made a comparison of Bioshock infinite bird cage glass pendant choker bijouterie Pendant summer style Necklace best friend gift offers features and prices over the recent 3. 435 24 votes.

Potential spoilers for Bioshock Infinite below. This subreddit is dedicated to the BioShock game series. In the beginning both the bird and the cage symbolize her imprisonment.

The answer and even the entire game itself is all about perception. However I think the bird pendant is meant to represent what Elizabeth can and ultimately should be. Wants to explore Upcoming Deals on Weekends.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Answer 1 of 3. The Bird or The Cage Respawned – Bioshock inspired perfume oil.

In that world Elizabeth asks you to VISIT OUR OTHER SITES. Im sure this has been discussed before but I really want to hear other opinions. The difference between the bird or cage pendant in Bioshock Infinite is simply what Elizabeth wearsShell wear the bird around her neck if you choose that pendant just like shell wear the cage if you instead opt for that one.

Log In Sign Up. 0 4 minutes read. The cage seemed rather crass since she had just spent her whole life in one.

Technically the choice of which pendant to wear is. Huh thats pretty interesting. I believe it changes the Gear that you find.

Free to flourish and spread the joy of her purity to the rest of the world. Orange lemon cream black tea musk pink pepper gardenia vanilla. Bioshock infinite bird cage Necklace pendent cage is somber elizabeth choker jewelry Glass Dome Pendant Necklace A-007 HZ1.

Never thought about it that way. Littlebigpiano 9 years ago 4. The details of your pendants setting may differ slightly depending on my.

I chose bird. The Achievement is worth 25 Gamerscore and the Trophy is bronze. I think that is what the cage pendant represents and initially that is why I chose it for her over the bird.

THE AWESOMER 95OCTANE. The player will have to fend off the Vox Populi until The Hand of the Prophet reaches Monument Island. Also its reversed symbolism Bird normally means freedom and cage means no freedom cage in the game is the notes you play CAGE to unlock Elizabeths full potential and the bird means Songbird.

The bird or the cage. Jackalope11 Topic Creator 9 years ago 5. I saw someone post that they picked cage because choosing that would help her face her fear.

The bird and cage necklaces in Bioshock Infinite are one of the choices offered in the critically acclaimed game. Intuitively we can all identify with these two symbols. When I picked the Bird I noticed that the Gear I picked up all complimented my firearms.

Press J to jump to the feed. For some reason my mindset at the time was that I wanted Elizabeth to fly free. For them the bird represented Songbird the limiting element that kept her.

They gave us the choice of two brooches. I found an answer. This AchievementTrophy is story related and will be unlocked as the player progresses in the game.

Posted by 9 years ago. I have played the game through like 6 times. The bird or the cage.

The Bird or The Cage is a secret AchievementTrophy in BioShock Infinite. She is wearing neither the bird or the cage at this one time. By the end both the bird and the cage symbolize her freedom.

Check out our bioshock infinite bird pendant selection for the very best in unique or custom handmade pieces from our shops. One of a cage and one of a bird. Pretty much what the title says but I guess Ill explain in case anyone forgot.

It can not be missed. Im fairly certain that they originally intended to change this jewelry depending on whether you picked the bird or the cage but later removed it completely for time restraints or something. Last edited by Amycus.

The bird pendant is a hopeful optimistic representation of. As I was playing Bioshock Infinite today I was greeted by this fellow and lady shortly after busting Elizabeth from the confines of that statue. Near the beginning of the game at Battleship Bay when you run into the Lutece twins youre given the choice of which pendant to recommend to Elizabeth.

Apr 9 2013 1209am. In Bioshock Infinite Bird Or Cage. A beautiful bronze setting hung from a delicate 18 bronze chain secured with a lobster clasp closure or available with a brooch backing with an image of a bird or a cage your choice.

Buy Bioshock Infinite BirdCage Necklace bioshock infinite bird or cage pendant with great discount. The size of the pendant is about 24mm by 30mm. Does it matter if you choose the bird or the cage BioShock Infinite.

It seems to make no difference to the story or the characters -.

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